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Jen Kohlmeier, MS, CVT, KPA-CTP, CTDI

Jen Kohlmeier, MS, CVT, KPA-CTP, CTDI

Before turning her attention to helping Lehigh Valley dog owners achieve success with their dogs on a full-time basis, Jen enjoyed a 26 year career working in veterinary clinics, academia and laboratories, giving her a solid foundation for combining her knowledge of science, health and behavior.

Certified through the Karen Pryor Academy, the dog training industry’s leading education organization, Jen regularly helps dog owners funnel all of that energy from their dogs into calm, polished behavior. She is a Certified Veterinary Technician with a BS in Biology, including courses in Animal Behavior, and an MS in Health Education which largely focused on behavior modification. She frequently participates in continuing education courses required for her certifications that cover current research and topics in canine health and behavior, enabling Jen to excel in her field. She holds a Certificate of Completion of the Aggression in Dogs Master Course and is currently the first and only trainer in the Lehigh Valley who holds the Fear Free Animal Trainer Certification. Jen was most recently accepted into the renowned International Society for Applied Ethology which dedicates its mission to studying research on the relationship between humans and animals. 

Most importantly, though, Jen is focused on giving dogs and their people the skills and knowledge for clear communication and a special bond. Using modern science-based training methods, applied ethology and learning theory, Jen is able to help her clients understand their dog’s behavior so they can make the best decisions. On a personal note, Jen enjoys participating with her own dogs in canine sports and is currently handling her youngest in agility. Both of her dogs are experienced in rally, parkour, obedience, nose work, and agility, as well as holding advanced tricks titles. Jen believes that learning is lifelong and to never stop being curious.

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