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Whether you could use a hand with nail trims or just helping your pup feel better about going to the vet, we can give you the support and help you need!

We help Lehigh Valley, PA dog parents achieve success with:

Basic Grooming and Handling

Vet Visit Preparation

Reactive Dog Behavior Modification

Group Classes

Phone Consultations

Our Additional Services

Reactive Dog Behavior Modification

Does your dog bark and lunge at strangers or other dogs? Does he seem fearful in new environments or with novel stimuli? We will teach you humane, science-based methods to desensitize and counter condition your dog so he can learn to deal with his big feelings. Reactive dogs have complex emotional issues and research has shown that positive reinforcement training offers the best opportunity for behavior change and long lasting results. “No mud, no lotus”. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Note: Reactive dog group classes will be held outside in our large, fenced facility April through November with a max of 4 dogs per class. Dogs will be approved by Jen and will have taken private lessons prior to class.

Pricing: $130/hr

Small Group Classes

Bring your puppy or dog to learn the basics or advanced obedience, play on obstacles and agility equipment to build confidence, have fun with novice to advanced tricks, and learn how to focus around other dogs and distractions in large, completely fenced outdoor facility. Opportunities to burn off steam off leash are available. Maximum 4 dogs per class. 

Pricing: $150 for 4 weeks

Better Vet Visits

Does your best friend get a little nervous when it comes to going to the vet’s office? It’s completely understandable and we know it can be frustrating and traumatizing for both of you! We can help your pup learn the vet isn’t such a scary place. Jen is experienced as a CVT using cooperative care to let your dog opt in and be an active participant in husbandry. Whether it’s toenail trims or basic restraint, your dog will learn to accept gentle handling.

Pricing: $50/hr

Phone Consults

Looming questions? Need some extra support before, during or after training, grooming or walking? We offer 30 minute phone consultations to help you through most issues that arise and can offer direct resources and recommendations of services.

Pricing: Free up to 30 minutes; $25 after 30 minutes

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