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We help Lehigh Valley, PA puppy parents achieve success with

Accidents & House Training

Basic Manners & Life Skills

Separation Anxiety Prevention

Puppy Mouthing & Energy

...and much more

Every puppy, owner, and situation is different. We’ll meet with you to identify your goals and put together a plan to reach them. Whether you’re looking to tame your puppy’s energy, save your furniture, or just ensure you’re making the best decisions, we can help.

Puppy Training

in Lehigh Valley, PA and surrounding areas

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Initial Consultation – Start here!

The first step for every client is a free phone call to discuss our training philosophy and then an initial consultation where we’ll meet for a 90-minute introductory session to establish goals, ease concerns, and set forth on a path to limit overwhelm and achieve success.

By the end of our meeting, you’ll have a sense of relief knowing your overall game plan with a few (easy) items to get you started. A clicker and reading material will be provided. Please arrive for your lesson with a large supply of your pup’s favorite treats, a 6-ft leash, and flat collar, martingale, or harness. If your dog is older than 6 months, please refer to the Dog Training packages.

Pricing: $100

Private Coaching Sessions

Are you the “get-it-done” type with the time and motivation to train your puppy yourself? 

Our private sessions are the perfect solution for DIYers who just need the expert eye and guidance to progress with their puppy’s training.

From session to session, we’ll identify speedbumps, tighten up on training, and ensure you’re well equipped for your training time ahead. Sign up as soon as you can to give your new puppy a head start! Getting started with training is as important as vaccines. They are sponges of wisdom at 8-16 weeks! Don’t miss this important window! Puppies have a clean slate and training should be affordable. Please inquire about special discounts.

Pricing: $90 per hour session after initial consult 

Four lesson package – $350

Five lesson package – $375

Six lesson package – $395

PAYMENT DUE AT TIME OF SERVICE. Accepts Cash, Check, PayPal, Venmo

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